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The 'Antenarrative Storytelling Foundation (ASF)" is the owner of the 'Veterans Theater', 'Eagle Ranch,' 'Legacy Ranch' and their Content that is posted on the website, which consists of text, images, audio, video, design, and interactive tools (see copyright terms). Big Story Conference is the 2015 name for 'Quantum Storytelling Conference'. Big Story is copyright by BigStoryBiz.

'Antenarrative Storytelling Foundation' (ASF) BOARD OF TRUSTEES

1. David M. Boje Ph.D., President 575-936-9578 (cell) or
2. James Sassy, VP
3. Nancy Starr Breard EDD., Treasurer 864-706-4282
4. Ernest Ramsy, Secretary
5. John Hawk, Agent-at-large
6. Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome
7. Kenneth Hacker, Ph.D.
8. Jeremi Karnell
9. Mike Bonifer
10. Kenneth Burke

Within the Board of Trustees are Steering Committees:

VETERANS THEATER Steering Committee


1. Ernest Ramsy, PRESIDENT, Army veteran

2. John Hawk, VICE PRESIDENT, Navy veteran

3. David M. Boje, STORYTELLING OFFICER Ph.D., Vietnam Army veteran
4. James Sassak, co founder Camp Hope for homeless, New Mexico

5. Kenneth Burke, homeless actor,

6. Nancy Starr Breard, TREASUER

LEGACY RANCH Steering Committee

1. Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome, Ph.D., Social Work

2. Kenneth Hacker, Ph.D. Veteran National Guard

EAGLE Ranch Steering Committee


1. David Boje, Ph.D. Vietnam Army Veteran, EAGALA certified Military Service Provider

Big Story Conference


1. Mike Bonifer

2. Jeremi Karnell

Boje Veterans Theater card