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We packed the house in record numbers on August 4 2015


PRINT FLYER FOR THE Aug 4th 2015 Veterans Theater present "A Day in the LIFE AT CAMP HOPE"

See video about the Good Samaritan efforts at Camp Hope.


We SOLD OUT the play 'Dead While Waiting for My VA Appointment!’ performed by homeless veterans and the homeless community of Camp Hope, on APRIL 30th 5:00PM-7:00PM at New Mexico State University's Center for Performing Arts. Prices: Tickets $6 Students, $12 Adults (lodge), & $25 (Front Row). We used all the 70 chairs, ordered 30 more, and still people were standing against the walls to see the performance.

We focus two acts of the play on the VA wait times are so long that 19,400 veterans died waiting for care. The El Paso VA where we send vets from Las Cruces, has the LOWEST rating in the country. http://va-hospitals.healthgrove.com/
The VA needs to develop options other than more meds: VA spent about $3.7 billion and DOD spent about $7.7 billion on prescription drugs (2009).

There must be alternatives to just giving vets more and more meds. We end the play with an example of an alternative: VA in other states have places veterans and their families can go after deployment to work with horse, gardening, and get into Nature, to decompress.

Here is a YouTube of excerpt from the April 30th VETERANS THEATER perfmance of 'Dead while waiting for my VA appointment.


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PASS OUT this 2 front/back brochure about the APRIL 30th Veterans Theater event 5:30PM Center for Performaing Arts at New Mexico State University

or here is the current playbill for the play itself


Las Cruces Veterans Use Theatre Performance To Voice Concerns With VA

by KRWGnews

Students in a Management Course on Sustainability and a Social Work class in HSS, collaborated to work with homeless veterans, raising money to pay the theater costs at NMSU, and the costs of putting on the production. Money raised will help the veterans develop more plays, and speak up about their issues to a paying audience.

Here is a storybaord of the 5 act play:


Veterans' Theater ACT ONE




We will focus on SPICE , which has led to veterans being dishonorably discharged, and homeless veterans who struggle to keep SPICE out of CAMP HOPE.

Adam Hernandez's mother, Ruth Rivas from El Paso is attending.
Her son, while in the Navy used SPICE and committed suicide.

"I am just so happy to see that someone has finally taken notice of the deadly impact spice is having on our active military and veterans.” - Ruth Rivas http://spiceisnotnice.org


How you can help: Click on GoFundMe - thank you!



Here is link to our first public live performance held March 18 2015 in case you missed it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVw49dNWJYE&feature=youtu.be

Above NMSU professors Dr. Erika Gergerich and Dr. David Boje, directing Veterans Theater

My name is David M. Boje Ph.D. I am a Storytelling Change Agent, Amateur Blacksmith, & ‘Wells Fargo’ Chaired Professor at New Mexico State University, and Aalborg University awarded me their Honorary Doctorate and affiliated me with Material Storytelling Lab, Denmark. I am working with Dr. Erika Gergerich from NMSU Social Work to direct theater productions with the Veterans from Community of Hope.

The MGT375v (Sustainable Development and Global Environment) students (Areej, Luke, Sharron, & Meshal), the Veterans of Community of Hope (Ernst, Sykes, Johh Hawk, BA, Michael, and Dr Erika Gergerich’s social work students (Jen Kitcey, Maxie ...) are creating a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS called ‘VETERANS’ THEATER’.
The "Veterans’ Theater” business is putting on plays in university, public school, and community theaters --- to paying customers.


We did our first performance at Sweet CeCe's on 18 March 2015 at 7PM. It was a sell out crowd, an evening of laughter and critical merriment. We raised $200. We did our tabling at the El Paseo Wal-Mart in Las Cruces March 21 2015 and raised another $130. Togother with the GoFundMe crowdsourding we have raised over $1,000. We are now 1/3rd of the way to our goal: To raise $3,000 for the theater rental fees, set construction costs, and printing costs we have for 2015. Give to http://GoFundMe.com/mol1wc


Above are VETERANS THEATER performers (Maxie & Jen from NMSU Social Work with David, Michael & John (3 veterans) at fundraiser  owned by a Vietnam veteran, located at Las Cruces 901 East University Ave, Suite B Las Cruces, NM 88003. Here is the Sweet CeCe Event Flyer created by NMSU Marketing Student Areej Gardi.

more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVw49dNWJYE&feature=youtu.be


Above is BA, Ernst (holding mic), John Hawk, Alex & Christopher (holding signs), & Sykes (wearing Army shirt). These actors are all Community of Hope veterans in transition from homelessness. They are telling their stories. The sign 'All Threats Will be Teken Seriously' is what the VA actually displays in its offices. The second sign is our comic relief. See 30 minute YouTube video by Matthew Saylors (filmographer) of our first public performance of Veterans Theater (18 March 2015.

Professors David Boje of College of Business and Erika Gergerich of Social Work in College of Health and Social Services are bringing together veterans in transition from homelessness with social worker and business sustainability students to give the audience a look at the Veterans Administration (VA) from the inside out.

Social workers (nurses, doctors, etc.) have a heart-of-care and somehow strait-jacketed working in the VA by a bureaucratic mess. The veterans-themselves and the social workers bring the VA pattern of processing vets into view on the stage so that he audience can engage a disciplined inquiry into the organizational behavior and achieve an understanding of the pedagogy of the oppressed. David Boje of College of Business directs the Veterans' Theater. He is Equine-Assisted Growth And Learning Association (EAGALA) equine specialist also certified to work with veterans and military family members.

EAGALA (see our http://peaceaware.eagle) site for more info on our work with horses and veterans.

The Veterans' Theater audience enters a space of critical dialgouge of how the VA engages in universal standard-making practies while social workers attempt to use story-listening in a heart-of-care and not fall into the bureaucratic trap of processing 'cases' instead of 'people.' Here is an example:


Above, an NMSU Social Work student volunteers to take the role of a VA service provider, and reenact a scene, to see how the VA might use the resources it has to do its work with more humanity towards veterans. From left to Right: David (NMSU & Vietnam Veteran), Jen and Maxie (NMSU social work), volunteer social work student from audience, and Sykes a co-founder of Camp Hope and Vietnam Veteran). This approach to problem solving is called Forum Theater, and was created by Augusto Baol, and is based on Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed. It is a way for the the veterans and social workers to 'speak back to powerful' institutions such as the VA, and bring aobut problem solving, and bring the entire audience into the Situation.


Above 'Veterans Theater actors': BA (22 year MP who heads up 'Safety Team' at Camp Hope; veterans Ernst, Sykes, and John from Transitional Living unit of Community of Hope who are developing the plays about the meds-industry relations with the VA to show the audience how this looks from the inside out.

Above is our first live audience. Thank you for attending the 18 March event, now buy tickets for the April 30th full performance.

We are raising $3,000 to put on the full five act perofmrancehttp://GoFundMe.com/mol1wc All money goes toward producing the plays, theater costs, set design, costumes, transportation, and getting our veterans' story onto the big stage. All proceeds go to Veteran's Theater costs and to pay for EAGALA sessions for our veterans and any family members. 'SUPPORT THE TROOPS' with more than words! Their smiles are thanks enough! Order a front row $25-seat at the first show, or $6 students, $12 adults. The show must go on!

The PeaceAware.com Veteran's Theatre Group (John Hawk, David Boje, Ernst Ramey, Brad Stiles, and D. Sykes Jr.; not shown Carlos Ramsdell MacíasGoFundMe.com

       minute about

    Veterans' Theater

    A quick video describing the veteranstheater.

Thank you from Veterans' Theater.